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Well I'll be....blocked

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 7:36 AM

Someone I thought of as a lot more secure and intelligent has proven to
be of a somewhat...more sensitive online disposition than I originally
thought...needless to say I won't disclose their name out of what respect I
still have for them but I honestly DID not see that block coming from THEM
of all people...

I guess they just figured that people who think of David Icke as a head up his
own ass conspiracy theorist are just not worthy of their time or attention..
Kinda sad since I saw him as a friend but..meh.

Anyhow for anyone who ever bothers to read this journal post here's a quick low down
on how our last conversation went... 

Me: what do you think of David Icke?
Him: I am with him when he talks about secret societies and government mischief...
When it comes to new age themes and space lizards? Less so...
Me: oh..I kinda see him as a hippie intellectualist prick
Him: Well, I don't care about the man's personality - Only that it is important not to be a drone.
And intellectuals are cool. Better than mindless prats any day.
Me: Intellectuals ARE cool...but intellectualist (self believed intellectuals) aren't
Him: Those who mock the open-minded are even less cool.
Me: Exactly, intellectualists believe they understand things so well
they aren't open minded
Him: You had the pope in your favourites...I think I know which side you are on.
The slave side!
Me: I'm not an intellectualist!
Him: That much is obvious.
Me: Dude-why are you so pro these people all of a sudden?
They're not the same as intellectuals.
Him: I don't know what -omitted- you have been reading, because I have always been against mindless goons.
I support anyone who is against the religious tyranny we see today...And if that means Icke, so be it.
If you can't handle that, go run back to your booze, bibles and reality TV. :) (Smile)
Me: Hey! I'm against religious tyranny too mate!
I just don't see why people who write books
about how to scientifically spot an asshole (literally,
thats an example of what I'm thinking could be intellectualist material)
deserve to get so much attention because
they wave around PhD's
Him: The fact that you seem to hate intelligent people makes me think you have persecution mania.
And if you cast yourself as a dummy, you'll be regarded as a dummy.
I shall now have to treat you as an even bigger doofus.:) (Smile)
Me: Okay well granted the fact that the asshole book
listed some traits I have did make me feel persecuted.
And indeed it's the fact that these proxy intellectuals
seem to be so much at liberty to give persecuting
opinions of their 'targets' that I'm sounding hateful.
But your mistaking this as meaning I'm bashing
intelligent people, when I keep trying to tell you I'm
bashing people who pretend to be more intelligent than
they are and endorse persecution/discrimination to
justify their own philosophies.
Him: Of course, I know what you trying to say. I just don't think Icke is one of those guys.
I still think you are acting out this absurd "idiots are cooler" theme...
Which is exactly the way the suits want you to think: "Be a dummy! Never rise above your station, peasant!"
To heck with that noise...
Me: But Icke along with putting foreward fantastic theories
we know to not be real also goes even further by
suggesting that all the ugliness that is a part of being
human...actually somehow isn't.
This sounds too much like pandering to a liberal thought
form of idealizing human nature and somehow finding
way to deny it's various uglier sides, which doesn't just
strike me as stupid but also kinda dangerous, -omitted-.
Him: Well, I can see your mind is a closed case, mate. You have no platform at all to state all unorthodox theories are wrong.
Are you going to deny the masons or secret groups exist? I suggest you stop thinking in terms of media-fed absolutes
and attempt to see beyond the confines of your comfort zone. Don't mistake me for having your limited brainviews...
I've read many books by Icke and others who propose we live in a controlled world of lies and illusion, and none of them
ask anyone to see the world in a rosy, or deluded way. On the contrary, the image of the world they paint is very grim...
If at any time guys like Icke speak with new age enthusiasm, perhaps they are merely counteracting the daily diet of negative
shite we are fed. I am not with the hippy stuff, but someone has to break the wicked mental stranglehold on people's minds...
In any case, it looks like you have already gave up, so I wonder why you are even bothering me here.
Go watch some zombie TV football or something.
Me: Oh contrare -omitted-, I'm not a closed mind, just a sceptic
on self endorsed new age thinking. And you don't need
to bother pointing out any hypocrisy there, the way I see
it if we are indeed free from old forms of thought we should
guard not to become too engrossed with new ones also
I'll deny that theres a 'secret' elite in command of the world,
or at least by David Ickes standards. No denying though there
are elites who may or may not practice things we could term
masonic (probably simply to fuel their own sense of narcissistic
elitism). No amount of garbage spewing media lies can hide
over obvious facts about humans in general...and thats the
only reality in this whole issue -omitted-...
At the end of the day there isn't some big grand insidious
master plan being orchestrated here, there's just the collective
pattern of how people basically are.
And New age thought, grim or not, always strikes me as unduly
sensational. And sensationalism like glamor is always shite to me.
Now Curt you'll have to excuse me but for positing the pro open
minded view you are coming over as a tad closed and overly
dismissive to what I believe to be simply a more realistic view
on these matters.
Him: I love how you use the patronising tone to try and gain some kind of moral high
ground here, you haven't a clue, dude. You are merely hoping that he can rely on
the myths he's been brought up with. Well, your land of hope and glory is bunk!
If you need to cling to the force-fed lies so much, feel free. I have a loathing for
your type, who laughs at anyone who can see through the media-woven lies.
Take a look around you, the society you think is so stable, is actually dying...
Your stance is just to call your comfort zone "reality". Good for you.
As I said, we are simply not mentally on the same wavelength.
Enjoy your Facebook and other state-sanctioned garbage.
Puxo, I think we are basically done here. I don't use DA for pointless
conversations with needy people. So go onto your social media and
talk to a fellow delusional. Let's not waste any more time here.
And remember! It's a happy world! Just don't pay attention!
Keep praying and drinking and clouding your mind! :) (Smile)

And then I was blocked...I had no idea he was getting so irate and impatient with me
on this issue. In anycase not that it matters at all now but this is what I was going to

Me: Dude-I sensed you were closed minded but this...
You're talking down to me like some complete head
up his own ass conspiracy theorist hippie.
Honestly I can't imagine what 'lies' you believe I'm
trying to defend here, much less how I'm blind
to changes and decay in society.
Your stance is sounding to be more and more that.
I've touched on something you hold sacred.
I kinda feel sorry to hear your so shallow and
close minded on this matter to immediately loath
my opposing attitude but that's just who you choose
to be and if your too insecure to question that then
yeah lets drop it! :) (Smile)

I'll miss you dude!

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